F.A.Q. of BTS



Q: How long has your company been engaged in the industry?

A: 12 years since establishment in 2005. Being a veteran company, Bright Translation Service has provided professional human translation services to more than 10,000 companies and clients from more than ten sectors during the last ten years. The number of words translated has exceeded one  billion.



Q: What kind of qualification did your company get?

A: Engaged in the translation industry in 2005, BTS is a professional translation service provider for global customers and the only translation-specific sino-foreign joint venture in Shenzhen.Approved by the administrative department of industry and commerce and formally registered with notary officers, courts, embassies and consulates, BTS is a member of Translators Association of China (TAC), A Translators Association, Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) and NJ International Service Outsourcing Companies Association.



Q: How is translation quality guaranteed?

A: The founder of BTS, who once served a world-leading localization company, is himself a senior scientific translator adept at the control of translation quality. BTS has given top priority to translation quality for over ten years. BTS implements the system of "survival of the fittest" by selecting first-rate translators based on stringent standards and conducting regular assessment on the translators. Generally, each translator focuses on the areas of expertise he excels in. BTS holds every link accountable for translation quality from the customer manager to translator, project manager, proofreader and QA. BTS commits to modifying and optimizing the translation free of charge indefinitely to the satisfaction of customers if the quality problem is on BTS's part.



Q: Which areas of expertise are you clever at?

We specialize in legal contracts, mechanical electronics and automation (including manufacturing), engineering (including bidding documents), commercial affairs & finance and economics, management consultancy, IT, biological medicine, marketing, patent and so on.



Q: How many languages of translation do you provide?

A: We are dedicated to providing translation services in 72 languages, including translation from English and Chinese to Japanese, Korean, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Turkish, Polish, Canadian French, Mexican Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.



Q: What are the qualifications of your translator team?

A: BTS's core competitiveness is translation talents. All translators of our company hold a Bachelor degree or above, 80% of whom are Master degree candidates. The majority of the translators possess the certificates of CATTI Translator Level II and above, with rich experience of more than five years of translation for different professional backgrounds. They have translated over 5 million words and delivered interpretation services for 50 to 100 meetings and conventions every year. The proofreading team is constituted by senior translators and foreign experts with work experience of above 10 years in this field.



Q: Whom should we contact in processing translation businesses?

A: We adopt the dedicated customer service mode. We have dedicated customer service personnel answering your questions on a one-to-one basis.






Q: How much does a translated file cost?

A: It depends. We hold the belief that if the translation price falls below a certain standard, the translated file you get will hardly improve the image of your company or products. If the remuneration of a translator is not more than that of an hourly employee, how could he attach great importance to your market and share weal and woe with you? Be realistic! When choosing a translation provider, you are recommended to think about your investment in developing the products and services of the international market. If you feel the price of entrusting your files to a professional translation company is unbearable, you are not well prepared to enter the international market. In addition, a translation company also provides value-added services, such as translator selection, project management, quality control, file conversion and standardization of multilingual project presentation. All these services incur fees but save a great deal of time for you.



Q: Would you please quote me an accurate price?

A: Of course. Translation fee varies with language, content, background knowledge, customer requirement and delivery time. It is also closely related to the number of words, difficulty coefficient, translation time you limit, text format and file usage. Therefore, we can quote you an accurate price only after we see and evaluate your file. We promise a cost-effective translation fee in the industry.



Q: Why the price quoted by each company is different?

A: You get what you pay for as translators are ranked. New translation companies or the companies without translation qualifications attract customers by quoting a low price or selling seconds at best quality prices to grab the market. Ecdemic translation companies that do not possess a physical office, business license or translator also attract customers by low price. On the contrary, BTS, which boasts more than 10 years of industry experience and has translation bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an, puts quality first and never participates in low-price competition. Welcome our distinguished guests to Shenzhen headquarters and the braches for on-the-spot investigation.






Q: If a file to be translated has several hundred words, how much will you charge for translating the file?

A: The translation of a file with the number of words of less than 1000 will be charged in the following two modes:

(1) The number of words is taken as 1000.

(2) Special files, such as ID cards, household registers, driving licenses, business licenses and notarial certification materials, are charged by page.


A:对于网站翻译,如果您能提供网站的FTP,或您从后台将整个网站下载打包给我们,我们可在 30 分钟内给出大概报价。同时,只要您提供原始网页文件,我们会提供给您格式与原网页完全一致的目标语言版本,可以直接上线使用,节省您的改版时间。

Q: Could you please quote me a price for translating a website?

A: We would appreciate it if you provide us with the FTP of the website or the entire website you downloaded from the background. We will provide a quote for you in 30 minutes. If it is a HTML file, we will provide you with the target language with the version same as the HTML file, which facilitates online use and saves the time for format changing.



Q: Can you provide free trial translation?

A: We can provide 300-character free test service for you based on the overall translation quantity. You need to provide detailed information about your company such as contact method and contact person.



Q: How long is a file delivered?

A: The delivery time relates to file size and difficulty. A professional translator translates at a normal speed of 3000-4000 Chinese characters/day. As for a large urgent project, we will arrange multiple translators to do the work. The project manager will split the file into several parts and assign the parts to different translators. After the translation is completed, the project manager will merge the parts into a complete file, unify the terminology and arrange for proofreading, QA and DTP and finally deliver the file to the customer. We once hit the record of translating 500,000 Chinese characters in a day. In principle, we will deliver the translated text in appointed time. However, time is directly proportional to quality. It is recommended that you give sufficient time for translation in order to get a high-quality translated text.




Q: Can you translate a draft when it is edited?

A: Please finalize the draft before providing it to us for translation. Maybe you hope to initiate the project as soon as possible, so you let us translate the draft while it is being edited. However, doing so is more time-consuming, expensive and troublesome than translating the final text. What is worse, increased number of revisions of the draft indicates greater likelihood of translation errors.

In a particular case where the delivery time is tight and you have no choice but to translate the draft before it is finalized, be sure to specify the delivery date of the draft and the revisions you made to the draft for the convenience of translation.



Q: Can you invite teachers, scholars or students in universities and colleges to translate a file?

A: No. Foreign language teaching requires special skills, yet these skills are totally different from those required for translating a fluent and beautiful article. Letting these personnel translate files seems economical and practical but is highly risky. The translated texts provided by them will be unusable due to a lack of practical experience.



Q: Will you use machine translation?

A: Never. Machine translation divorces from the specific language environment and is almost literal translation. It fails to take into consideration cultural difference, deep implication underneath the words, polysemy and different context. It is far from meeting the normal reading requirement, let alone commercial use. What is more, inferior machine translation may cause enormous loss to you. Human translation is rigorous and time-consuming work that requires polishing. Fortunately, BTS provides human translation. Regardless of project size, we go through the procedures of translation, editing, proofreading and DTP before delivering the file to you.



Q: Is it necessary to notify the purpose of the file to you?

A: Very necessary. Different files have different purposes. Style, rhythm, wording and phrasing and sentence length vary with file purpose. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the file purpose as experienced translators may consult you about it. Long-term stable partnership with a translation company can ensure optimum translation effects. Longer cooperation with the translation company can help translators understand your operation philosophy, strategy and products and thus deliver better quality translation texts. Be sure to notify the file purpose to BTS project managers to ensure the translated texts fit in with the needs of target audiences and media to the maximum extent.



Q: Can you provide door-to-door translation service?

A: We recommend door-to-door interpretation service but not door-to-door translation service. It is forbidden to bring professional glossaries and language databases involving high confidentiality out of the company. If customers really need door-to-door translation service, we will cooperate with them.



Q: Can you provide translation services to customers not in your city?

A: Yes, we can. BTS has a multitude of experienced project management personnel who can handle worldwide translation needs via their professionalism and mature network platforms. Currently, we have set up branch offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Xi'an.




Q: Can you provide the service of translation from a foreign language to another foreign language?

A: This kind of translation service is one of the trends in our company, which has a greater advantage. With over ten years of experience accumulation, we have established long-term amicable partnership with more than 3000 translators whose native languages are more than 80 foreign languages. This can meet the requirement of translation among common foreign languages.



Q: How can you provide translation services to us as we are a foreign company?

A: BTS got involved in the international market early. It has maintained good partnership with a number of enterprises in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. In addition, BTS is the only sino-foreign joint venture providing multilingual services in Shenzhen. You can communicate with us and transfer your files via Skype and e-mail. We also provide an international remittance account to facilitate your payment from abroad.



Q: We require making PDF files, type setting, recording and caption processing except translation. Can you provide such services?

A: Yes, we can provide a variety of supporting services, such as making PDF files, CAD, type setting, dubbing, recording and caption processing.



Q: How do you translate a file?

A: We provide human translation all the way. Regardless of project size, we go through the procedures of translation, editing, proofreading, DTP and QA before delivering the file to you.


A:可以。我们可以处理各类文件格式的专业排版服务,包括InDesign、QuarkXpress、Illustrator、FrameMaker、PageMaker、Freehand、CAD、Office、CorelDRAW、Photoshop等各类格式文件的桌面排版 (DTP)。

Q: Can you provide professional type setting services?

A: Yes, we can provide professional DTP services using tools including InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, FrameMaker, PageMaker, Freehand, CAD, Office, CorelDRAW and Photoshop.



Q: How can we provide paper files for translation? 

A: You can send the paper files to us by express, fax or e-mail after photographing or scanning. If there are a large number of files, we will collect them from domicile.



Q: Can we negotiate a project in my company?

A: Of course. Please notify us of your company name, address, contact person and other related information. We will arrange for customer managers to go to your company for negotiation.



Q: How do we sign a contract?

A: We will, by express, fax, e-mail or going to your company in person, provide you with a contract template on which you can make appropriate adjustments to relevant clauses. After negotiation, we can sign the contract.



Q: How to sign a long-term agreement? Is monthly settlement acceptable to you?

A:For customers who have long-term cooperation with us, good reputation and large demand for translation, we will arrange for customer managers to go to their companies for signing framework agreements. Monthly settlement is applicable to such customers.



Q: What are the benefits of becoming your long-term customer?

A: Once you have signed a long-term framework agreement with us, you will enjoy preferential services such as VIP translation fee, appointed translators, deposit waiver, monthly settlement and delicate gifts.




Q: Can customer data be kept confidential?

A: We will sign a confidentiality agreement with the customer before translation if necessary and destroy the original and translated texts in seven days after delivery. We will neither back the texts up nor support the inquiry of such texts. The customer should keep the texts properly.



Q: If I have an objection to the translated text, what should I do?

A: BTS translators have developed their own unique translation styles and language habits due to the difference in cultural traits and work experience. Please inform us of your requirements for the translation if any in advance and provide relevant references. We will translate as required by you. We provide indefinite quality guarantee for translated texts despite their delivery and if you have any question about the texts, we will optimize them until you are satisfied.


A:客户支付全部费用之后,我们会开具国家正规机打发票,发票分为增值税专用发票和普通发票。普票 5 个工作日内送达,如果客户是一般纳税人需要增票,请提供贵司一般纳税人认定书和开票信息,我们会在 10 个工作日内送达。

Q: How to issue an invoice?

A: After the customer pays all the expenses, we will issue a national standard printed invoice, which is classified into plain invoice and value added tax invoice. We will deliver the plain invoice in five workdays. If you are a general taxpayer who requires the value added tax invoice, please provide us with your detailed information for us to deliver the value added tax invoice in ten workdays.



Q: What are the payment methods?

A: We support four payment methods: 1. bank transfer; 2. payment through Internet banking; 3. payment by Alipay; and 4. payment by check or payment in cash.



Q: Is after-sales translation service available?

A: BTS commits to indefinite quality guarantee and provides intimate after-sales services. We will revise the translated text as required by you free of charge, making you free from all worries. If there are problems of concern, we welcome your complaint via e-mail.



Q: Does BTS have a WeChat official account?

A: Yes. Please follow the WeChat account: Brighttrans.










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